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Layla S.

"I come to Hey Brazil every month with my partner as it is a definite favourite of ours. 
A great selection of traditional Brazilian dishes/ sides to choose from and then a fantastic variety of meats (this is coming from someone who has visited Brazil). 
If you want the meat cooked a little longer the server is more than happy to do this which is great! Lastly, I would like to comment on how lovely the staff members are. Every time I enter Hey Brazil, I am greeted with a warm welcome."

Visited in July 2016

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"Just for a day in Aberdeen, looked for a steak place. So, this was just a perfect eating experience. You take from the buffet whatever you like, then wait for the cook come by with a spit with freshly roasted meats- 14 kinds presented in a row! Just awesome, superb quality. Well, we were here early on Sunday evening, so we always got the outer cut. All you can eat. all for £20. For us Swiss unbelievable. Just awesome!"


Visited in July 2016


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"We Went here on a Saturday night with friends. The concept is that they have a salad bar and accompaniments station, that you can help yourself to as much as you want, including lasagne, black bean stew, rice, chicken croquettes, potatoes, and polenta.
The meat then comes to you! Using the red and green card system, waiting staff will come to the tables and offer up a huge variety of meats - about 15 in all. Some highlights are the gammon, the Parmesan pork, and the sausages. The pineapple with cinnamon was a huge hit with our table as well, although I personally don't like pineapple. 
Service was great and the overall atmosphere was relaxed and fun, apart from the relentless meat!
Straight home for a lie down afterwards is the best advice I can give you."


Visited in June 2016

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"Really enjoyed visiting this restaurant. You have a card on your table and turn it to green when you want meat. Staff come around with all the different types of meat and you take some when you want it. Great choice and staff very helpful and would return with specific meats if asked. Restaurant busy with vibrant atmosphere. Would definitely recommend to others and would return if in the area."


Visited in June 2016

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"Come with an empty stomach. This churrascaria serves extremely tender delicious grilled meats. The meat will come non-stop, and you'll find yourself saying "yes" to the waiter as he fills your plate with different meats. In my opinion, the various cuts of beef (flank, rump) etc were all extremely well prepared. The parmesan pork was great too. Some other churrascarias serve you meat that is lukewarm/cold. But the meat you get from this place is piping hot, which makes it that much more wonderful. Even the buffet spread was had quite a good variation. Skipped the carbs for obvious reasons (saving tummy space), but the salads were wonderful. Strongly recommend this place for those with a voracious appetite. Great place for parties too! Where everyone who comes will leave contented and with a very full tummy."


Visited in April 2016

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